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Pervasive Gaming…Seth Gerson's Personal Blog

Who is this Seth guy?

Hi!  Below is my story:

I am Seth Gerson, CEO & Co-Founder of AltEgo.  Our mission is to solve your online multiple identity disorder!  You can get your first avatar to bring you into the new era here:  http://mycoolavatar.altego.com/login-page.php 

The AltEgo technology is currently featured in the Golden Nugget Vegas Casino game on facebook. My teams at AltEgo made the first MMO on the iPhone.  Prior to AltEgo, LLC, I co-founded YaYa, and pioneered the advergaming category.  At YaYa, I led the development and implementation of sophisticated CRM advergaming platforms for globally relevant brands including Ford, Daimler Chrysler and Honda, to name just a few.  As a result, brands leveraging YaYa created deeper relationships with their customers, as well as providing a better understanding of their behaviors and purchasing orientations. We sold the company to American Vantage Companies in 2003.  Before YaYa, I served as a gaming producer for Sega, Activision and Universal Studios, leading developer teams responsible for creating iconic games such as Asteroids. I am a graduate of University of Pennsylvania.

When I am not working, I have an awesome wife and daughter that keep me busy.  You can check out my wife’s blog, MomAngeles here:  http://www.momangeles.com/

In my almost non-existent spare time, I enjoy playing videogames, ice hockey, surfing and guitar.


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