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Data Friday – India and Cricket Rising

AltEgo's top looks from revenue generating users.

This is really cool.  The face of AltEgo is quite literally changing.  This chart is an image cloud map of the top looks from revenue generating customers.  The analysis is based on total revenue, and not per item.  We just went live on ibibo, India’s fastest growing indigenous social network.  Notice how the cricket player has jumped into a top spot in a short amount of time.  As AltEgo grows virally across the globe, we are learning a lot about how other countries use avatars.  Interestingly enough, we have seen that in India, 85% of the people who create an AltEgo engage with it.  More importantly, 84% of that 85% are actually replacing their real world pictures with a virtual persona.


Have you ever wanted to be the opposite sex?…Data Porn Infographic of the Week

1 in 5 of our accounts gender role play.

Have you ever wanted to be the opposite sex?  Almost one in five of our user accounts gender role play.   Also interesting, is that there are nearly double the amount of  male true sex gender role players than female true sex gender roll players.   In WoW, there can be a clear advantage to being female.  The question here is why?

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In the Plex: How Google Thinks, Works, and Shapes Our Lives by Steven Levy

Do you go to Data Driven Business Week or a conference of that ilk?

if yes, then read this book for historical entertainment, else waste time;

The history, and portraits of individuals that Levy paints are interesting.  From a non-googler’s perspective, I enjoyed how Levy characterizes the decision making process.  Of particular note are the YouTube, China, and IPO sections.  It is quick read, and worth the time from a historical perspective.

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